The Paideia Group

As a publisher, The Paideia Group (paideia: Greek for “education”) focuses on producing specialized scholarly publications as companions to your events, trainings, conventions and conferences from big to small, meet-the-expert events, and even workshops.


From our base in Berlin, our international team of science and medicine journalists, graphic designers, illustrators, media consultants, and marketing specialists offers you their expertise for every aspect of your training events.

The Expertise of the PAIDEIA Team

  • Editing of trade journals and academic publications
  • Medical and scientific journalism
  • Marketing
  • Science communications
  • Scientific writing
  • Medical writing
  • Research and development 


We cover a comprehensive breadth of the scientific branch and will serve your market exactly where you need us to. A sampling of some medical and technical fields we specialize in:

  • Medicine, pharmaceutics
  • Life sciences
  • Health and nutrition
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Photonics
  • Engineering sciences
  • IT

Ensuring your events are fruitful.


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