The Story Behind®

Info Tidbits for the Curious

Facts are facts, but taken on their own, they don’t always say very much. But spun into an intriguing little story, they can stir emotions and move people to action.


The Story Behind® puzzle series is a longstanding component of our magazine concept. We invite internationally renowned authors to address specialized scientific content and medical stories in an exciting, entertaining way.


The Story Behind® Your Innovation can be individually tailored to your topics and target groups.


What makes your company one of a kind, different from all the rest? This is the story that stands behind your brand of innovation.


Behind innovations are people whose thoughts and ideas go where others have not yet ventured. For that reason, innovations require explanation.


This form of sustainable communication lends itself perfectly for engaging with clients and for training events, as well as catching and retaining the attention of investors, opinion-makers, and influencers.


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