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As Conference Organizer you need to focus your attention on your event and your attendees! Let us take care of all your publication needs.



New perspectives deserve their own platform

Scientific conferences are places for communication and discussion, for networking and learning places where we engage in new perspectives.


Presenting convention highlights in a conference report is an ideal way to ensure new ideas and information are given staying power.


With connexi  (Latin for “the connected”), we are creating a network of connectivity between the interests of every party involved, from convention organizers to participants to members of the industry.


The connexi  conference series presents your topics in a scientifically precise, aesthetically pleasing, and high-quality magazine format, yet still providing the space for deeper contemplation.


Our connexi  conference magazine piques curiosity and invites the reader to delve in.




Ensuring your events are fruitful

Ensuring your events are fruitful


As a publisher, The Paideia Group (paideia: Greek for “education”) focuses on producing specialized scholarly publications as companions to your events, trainings, conventions and conferences from big to small, meet-the-expert events, and even workshops.


The connexi  conference magazine series consolidates the research and noteworthy results from renowned conferences, symposiums and conventions in Germany and across Europe.


The objective is to make the important information from these events accessible in a timely way even to those who did not attend.


The PAIDEIA team possesses many years of expertise in your respective fields, combined with international experience in editorial work, communications and marketing of complex products.




The connexi format: making an impact

The scientific content is organized in close cooperation with congress organizers. connexi magazine contains an article written by the congress president, scientific highlights from the conference, product and medical device information with regards to the conference topic, as well as a medical education calendar and literature reviews. Current industry news, health politics and new clinical research data are also presented.


connexi  summarizes the essence of the event, making it an important learning tool for both conference participants and non-participants.


Every year connexi issues are published on a wide range of medical topics - from allergology to visceral surgery, life science topics as well as food and nutraceuticals.




We set great value on close cooperation with the leaders and organizers of every conference event. This ensures that the publications are as close a reflection of the event as possible, ultimately serving to strengthen the message of the convention chairperson.


connexi  is a valuable marketing tool to position your association, professional organization, or company to your readers, including political influencers and decision-makers.


Our international editorial team can cover all your needs at both German- and English-speaking events, at home or abroad. 


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